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My school had the annual graduation. I have gone to the same school my whole life and now that i cant go to that school any more becuse u can only go up to class 6 there and after the summer holidays, I will be in class 7 and go on a new school. I will miss all my awesome teachers, friends and the woods next to the school playground where u can find rabbits and squirrels sometimes. :iconbunnylaplz:

And also every graduation at that school a few students that has worked extra hard with something or done something special through out the years that will leave the school after the summer holidays will recive something called "Stipendium" given by the rector. AND I GOT A STIPENDIUM :D My class was very tiny with only 6 stundents including me. And i was the only girl in that class and the only one in my class who recived a stipendium :XD: 

But still, i will miss my teachers and friends more than ever. :cries: 

And i hope this journal doesnt get ignored and that atleast 2-3 people will comment.. 
(I used a bit of Google translate to write this)
TropicDash Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist
Not a single god damn comment well then i feel like im being looked at as a piece of shit 
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Submitted on
June 12, 2014